New Association Health Plan Benefit!

You run your business. Well run your benefits plan!

NAMB is thrilled to partner with Pendella to offer a virtual health care exchange program for mortgage professionals and NAMB members.

Your employees and their families deserve a well-structured benefit plan that provides reliable coverage and access to affordable care. Click HERE for more information!

Welcome to NAMB Plus

"Here at NAMB Plus we want to make sure that while you are out working hard on loans and volunteering with your State and National Associations, that your business has every advantage necessary to be as successful as possible. By being a member of NAMB you are working daily as an individual to help make the Mortgage Industry better one loan at a time."

What is NAMB+?

NAMB+ is a subsidiary of NAMB, the Association of Mortgage Professionals (NAMB).

NAMB+ was created by NAMB and empowered to build relationships and create enhanced NAMB Member Benefits. NAMB+ pursues business opportunities and generates revenue to support NAMBs non-profit mission and activities. NAMB+ delivers enhanced NAMB Member Benefits and generates a significant portion of its revenue through the NAMB+ Endorsed Provider Program.

NAMB+ Endorsed Providers are a select group of companies identified by the NAMB+ Board of Directors as being qualified and committed to helping small business mortgage professionals by providing exclusive NAMB Members Only benefits, discounts and offerings; the highest quality products and services; and exceptional customer service.

NAMB Plus is just one way that we can help our Members. If there is a company that you would like to see become an endorsed provider, please send them my contact info or let me know so I can contact them. I would love to personally speak with them and see how they can help our Mortgage Professionals.

Thank you for all that you do for our Industry.


Michael Desantis

Michael Desantis
NAMB Plus President
617-972-8588 Tel
617-435-9588 Mobile 

"NAMB Plus, Inc. is a for profit corporation formed to establish and provide Member Benefits through relationships with approved Endorsed Providers who can offer discounted products and or services."

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